Picotin first came to life in 2007 at the old stables of the Turf Club Road. From the French word for a ration of horse feeds, the name “Picotin” has been promptly adopted. We are one of the first food and beverage establishments at the old Turf Club. Rapidly, Picotin became a neighbourhood bistro where everyone gets together.

Prepare for a burst of European flavours as you try our signature our fresh handmade pizzas named after horse breeds including the Pinto Pizza and other magnificent dishes such as the Whole Roasted Spring Chicken and the Pico Burger under the shade of heritage trees and fine breeze at Picotin Fairway or contemplating the unrivalled colonial architecture at Picotin Katong.

Ultimately, we would like to feel that a Picotin is a welcome addition to your neighbourhood and a place that services a community. A place where neighbours can pop in for an afternoon coffee, a glass of wine after work, a romantic meal for two, a Sunday lunch with the family or a late-night takeaway pizza.


In every neighbourhood there is a place where everyone gets together. At Picotin Express, our mission is to connect neighbours to an authentic European dining experience in the same way as ingredients are connected to food.

To provide a one-of-a-kind European experience that energizes everyone with an enthusiastic welcome, exceptional service, delicious food and memorable time.