Step into the legacy of Picotin, where European flavors meet warm hospitality.

From stables to tables:

Once upon a time, in 2007, a charming bistro was born in the old stables of Turf Club Road. Inspired by the French term for horse feed for its name, Picotin quickly became a beloved neighborhood spot, where friends and family gathered for a taste of European cuisine.

What sets us apart?

As the years passed, Picotin's popularity grew, and today, we proudly serve our award-winning food and drinks across six locations, each with its own unique atmosphere and style. From the laid-back vibe of our Fast Casual concept to the sophistication of our Premium Casual and GastroPub with Live Craft Beer concepts, there's a Picotin for every occasion.

And let's not forget about our retail brand, Dayli, offering fresh grab-and-go meals and everyday staples. We've come a long way since our humble beginnings, but our commitment to exceptional service and continuous development remains unchanged. Come join us for a memorable meal and become a part of our Picofamily.


A look behind the scenes

At Picotin, we are proud of the fact that our people are the true stars of our company and our success. We’re dedicated to working together to create the best products, and guest experiences possible. Come be part of a great team, learn a lot and have fun! We look forward to meeting you!



Our mission is to craft great experiences for our customers and we want the same for our employees. At Picotin, our aim is to create opportunities for our staff, and here are some of the ways we want to empower you.


Our people have been the key to our success, and we want to do everything in our capacity to support continual learning, which is why we have an annual budget to inspire you to pursue something you’re curious about.


We provide competitive pay and benefits at Picotin and also reward individuals that stand out among their peers and demonstrate true dedication. So, when you join us, don’t hesitate to introduce us to other amazingly talented people and get rewarded for it.